Entry: Last Dance Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Final Part of Decalogue

All that we've seen
All we ever heard
Will be carved upon our memory we're living on

The reality, is bigger than me...
The truth I can't understand
The world without an utopia
I am so small, so fragile...

Meaningless despair
On a throne of mysery
So much in me but yet so empty inside
Filled with the void of circumstances

But I wont be remorseful, there is too much life in me
I will sing the hymn of gleam from the bottom of a dreamer's heart
I will lead my dreams to break out these prison cell
I may never understand all those dreams preminicions
but I know that I still have to try

"Seize the day", you've once talked to me
now it is all comes into view... the things I will regret otherwise

Once I have been a kid gone astray
Now I will live my life to the fullest
Benediction of a crimson sun as it's coming to set down
Watched by me with a pair of hopeful eyes

We are one,
linked by an endless thread
That binds our dreams and souls
impossible to break

There's a bit in me in everything in You..
Embrace the light, since the purified one won't make you gone astray
Because it's all we are, a true entity of reality
We are one

Now that many years comes and go
We've lived our life yet so many things left unseen
Seize the day and dont you ever cry
You are my only one... my true love

Clear horizon up ahead, it's time to start another journey
Pass the reality pass the dream
We now must move on living our life
We will survive...

Dedicated to my beloved girl..... this is for you Septi


November 20, 2006   03:30 PM PST
aawww...I found this one the most romantic of all :)

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