Entry: Ignorance 's Blessing Sunday, August 20, 2006

Part 8 of Decalogue

Close your eyes...
Forget all the fuzz about reality
It doesn't give you real satisfaction
Nor ectasy...

Why bother?
It is not like you can change the way the world works
They just are.... with or without you

This rush of feelings means so much to me
Even if I have to deceive my own heart
Our conversations have take us far
All that we've ever done is what we are

Selfish Ambition... Help me...
They can't take away all my dreams... no one helps me
All that I have is all that I am
See the curtain... It's not blinding me... It's protecting me

Silent scream of innocence, wake of glass all around me
Close the window, shut the light off
And let the demons come and drown me
I am just me... that's all I got

Living on the edge of highs.. is getting me nowhere
Even if I could see the whole horizon, such a redundant act
Ignorance is calling me back to his home
Where I belong

Safe in the glass that surrounds me... Free from the pain
Nothing seems real...I`m starting to feel
Lost in the haze of a dream
Rest in peace ......I am glad that I'm blind


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