Entry: Benediction of False Testament Saturday, August 19, 2006

Part 7 of Decalogue

Love.... just dont stare
Cover the real pain just to ease up the misery
Every morning, the crack on the stained glass
The messiah on my bed, the roses outside the void
Keep me alive enough to see...

Dance... just dont regress
Trangression is a false deity, we are here and now
Illusion of utopia high in the sky
I can't be real, I am here

What are these scheme?
Why it keeps me from seeing truth?
Why does it just wont disappear?
Why are these reality seems a big hoax?

Just sleep away my child
I am just a proud designer of horizons
I am not gonna hurt you
I will just take away your pain

Life... just dont care
Creeping beneath this hallowed fountain
Lies the wreckage of my asylum
Where are they now?... I need them now

Just sleep away my child
You are safe here on my arms
You have heard a lot, now you will forget
Your mind is an icy slope

It is better this way...
You dont need those painful reality
Just sleep away my child
You've seen alot, now you will be blinded


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