Entry: The Ends Justifies the Means Thursday, August 17, 2006

Part 6 of Decalogue

What will you sacrifice to reach for your noble dreams
of life fullfillment and long lasting joy?
How far are you willing to go?
Are you willing to bring down your own morality?

What is "good" and "evil"?
Aren't they are just a social construct?
Provided only to place boundaries of souls?

All the things they ever said to me
All the things you'll never again have to meet
Ghost of the glass prison.... the divine calls
Godlike Wisdom

Imprisonating me.. forbidding me
It's time to let it drop and ran away
no more boundaries of foolisness
no more beast of burden

I believe on my dreams
I have to make it real
And not letting anything to back it down
even my conciusness

Everything would be better
We will have peace eventually
Even it takes wreckage of chaos to make it
Even it will takes away your freedom

Who would need freedom anyway..?
When you are satisfied...
And everything is pleasing you...
No... freedom is nothing but an illusion


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