Entry: Rage Against the Machine Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Part 5 of Decalogue

Hell NO!!
I am not your puppet!
I am not gonna bow down
and pledge my alliegance to you!

I defy!
I deny your power over my head
I deny your spiritual counciusness of morality
I deny your glass prison

Freedom is my power
Freedom is salvation
Freedom is my messiah
Freedom is my God

Dont preach on me about your religion
about heaven and hell
about sins and redemption
I dont need your system

religion feed the rich
conciussness starts a war
morality condemn the free soul
structure kills humanity

While you...

you hide behind the screens
you think you own the reality
you think you are somekind of mastermind..
and honestly believe everything is under your masterplan

know this, my friend...
you are the fantasy of foolishness
you are the one who is being manipulated
you are the God... that failed


November 20, 2006   03:23 PM PST
cynical tone noted :D
I like this one :)
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