Entry: The World Within Dream Monday, July 31, 2006

Part 2 of Decalogue

Once I believe…
That the world is just taken for granted
The way the sun comes out from east and set down into west
The way flowers blossom
Children grow
Rain falls
Reality exist
It all comes natural
Is anything true?
All just a dream? Matter not, mind never?
Is it better to surrender? Or save it for the last dance?

Friends, when it all comes down to it… nothing is really trustable
not even then fingers on your palm…. not even your palm
You can't really tell whether it is real or it is just another dreams constructed

Why the hell we are worry about living or dying anyway then?
it is all just a fantasy,…. a logical construction of minds
why do we need life? nothing is real and lost in the mist of a tale
Hell even our holy science can't save that
Save what?
Maybe it is all just a dream…. or nightmare
maybe the reality is not what we thought it'd be
maybe we are just clinging on frail faith on our senses
maybe we and this world we are living in is just another God's creativity built up on His head

but that's all we have, Friends
the sweet mysteries of secrets
better save it until the last dance of eternity
and not surrendering


November 20, 2006   03:17 PM PST
and hope that we can still dance until eternity actually comes by us...
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