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Friday, July 28, 2006
Welcome to the beginning of the end of the beginning

Part 1 of the decalogue

Where do we come from?
why are we here?
where do we go when we die?

What lies beyond?
What lied before
is anything curtain in life?

Life is too short
the here and the now
You're only given one shot             

Could there be more?
Have I lived before?
or could this be all that we've got?

(c) Dream theater, the spirits carries on

There's no death without living
and there is no life without dying.

If life and death's difference is a thin as a slice of papper, should it makes a difference wich comes first? Why do we have to die anyway? why should we live?

Do we need to find the answer? or do we only have to try to grasp it?

Death is such a unique mystery so is life
Life is full of joy and blessing.... so is death

This painful pleasure is keeping us astray, all the ratrace we have to compete in, all the wise word we spoke... why do we do that?

What is living anyway?
What if?

If I die tommorow I'll be allright because i believe
After we're gone... the spirits carries on

Let's not taking anything for granted shall we?
Endure this life and try to break the glass prison all around you
because... we stuck in living, we are condemned to be alive... therefore there's death awaits us at the beginning of the journey...

You will hear the crack of the glass prison set by the beast.
Your divine call

We can learn from the past, but those days are gone
We can pray for the future, but there might not be one

 Yogi's learnings at 10:38 am

November 20, 2006   03:16 PM PST
So, let just live today to the fullest!
November 27, 2006   08:47 AM PST
ah basi luw :p

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We can learn from the past but those days are gone....
We can pray for tommorow but there might not be one

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