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Monday, July 11, 2005
About a girl....

Her name is Septi Merliana
    She's Mine
She is 23 years old born in Jakarta
    She's Mine
She loves to cook, plays games, plays guitars
    She's Mine
She always speak up her minds and not affraid of it
    She's Mine
She loves Silver Queen
    She's Mine
She always confuses when there's a some point she dont have to be confused
    She's Mine
She got a way of cooling down my anger and libido :D
    She's Mine
She loves me for the way I am
    She's Mine
She always makes me miss her even like we were seperated for 1 hour
    She's Mine
Her Fave colour is Orange
    She's Mine
Her Fave flower is Lily
    She's Mine
Everything she does is magic
    She's Mine
We've been together for almost a decade
    She's Mine
I could've swear I saw a star in her eyes! REALLY!
    She's Mine
I love her and I protect, care and respect her
    She's Mine
I'm sounding a little bit possesive here
    She's Mine
I should stop saying "She's Mine" now
    She's Mine

 Yogi's learnings at 12:43 am

July 11, 2005   02:08 AM PDT
Gue gak tau mau komentar apa...hahahahahahaha! Romantis-romantis gombal begeneh!! Pasti dibuat karena si septi mau ngeliat kan??? HUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
July 11, 2005   02:10 AM PDT
One more thing...you ever notice that she disturbingly looks like you? I mean no shit man. Look at her!
July 11, 2005   02:39 AM PDT
No..actually she looks better than you. She can't be smart though, afterall, she's with you for almost a decade.
July 11, 2005   02:41 AM PDT
*lifting middle finger*
July 11, 2005   02:42 AM PDT
can I say the same avout sisie? :D :D :D
July 11, 2005   03:14 AM PDT
Septi lo kalo ngeliat comment ini... mohon dimaapkan... ga semua temen gw sebuas ruli kok
Infamous Lurino
July 11, 2005   11:37 AM PDT
hwahahahahahahahaaa... i guess i better keep my mouth shut... it's just that... well... jarang aja ngeliat yogi romantees [meskipun rada2 terobsesi...]

sep, temennya yogi baik2 kok, kecuali Ruli
July 11, 2005   12:39 PM PDT
Kok kecuali Ruli??? Septi, kalo lo liat ini, lo sadar bagaimana ada upaya konspirasi untuk membunuh karakter gue! Gue kan gak apapun yang jelek mengenai elo! Mengenai komentar gue yang diatas..yah..tafsir bebas lah..
July 11, 2005   02:23 PM PDT
see? itu udah jadi konsensus umum kalo ruli = buas
July 11, 2005   06:38 PM PDT
Hahaha. Yogi. Maap gue nggak komen yg penting. But behind those angry posts... cieh... ada juga satu post yang begini. Aw.

Tidak mau dicontoh, Rul? Mungkin sisi akan tersanjung. Seperti sinetron.
July 11, 2005   09:05 PM PDT
July 12, 2005   01:42 PM PDT
ga mungkin ga mungkin ga mungkin ga mungkin ga mungkin ga mungkin ga mungkin ga mungkin.

saking ga mungkinnya ampe ga worthed untuk dipikirin kemungkinannya.

udah ah.
mending nonton sinetron ABG, ngeliat anak es em pe bunuh2an..
July 12, 2005   01:46 PM PDT
kali ini gw yakin yogi pasti pake pelet, karena ngga mungkin ada cw yang mau ama loe gi, ini serius loh, kalo ada yang mau cw itu , sumpah pasti entah bego atau gila, berhubung dari tampangnya gw bisa ngeliat kalo dia quite smart, jadi loe pasti pake pelet. mari kita adakan poling, bagi yang yakin yogi pake pelet, harap posting sebanyak banyaknya setujuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! hehehehe ( dan yogi berkata tai loe ki)
infamous lurino
July 12, 2005   06:14 PM PDT
eh, itu ngapain si popo ikutan? pergi aje lo sana, pacaran ama cewek lo yang rajin kabur dari kantor.
July 12, 2005   09:12 PM PDT
ngga papa yang penting gw punya PACAR . resmi
July 12, 2005   09:29 PM PDT
Wah, kok si ridwan gak komen disini ya? Lu apain tu anak gi?
July 12, 2005   09:49 PM PDT
Hahaha. Aduh kalian lucu-lucu sekali. Paksa aja Ruli... dan postingnya di testi FS... (mampus makin nggak mungkin...)
July 13, 2005   01:03 AM PDT
Ruli: itu anak lagi kontemplasi "kenapa saya ngga punya pacar di dunia NYATA"

Po2: "tai lo ki" (sebenernya gw bisa aja nyela Rila, tapi berbada dengan elo... dia itu manusia)

Laila: Kalo ngomongin ruli mah, yah... uda deee... yg ada sakid kepala.

Sie2: never give up hope... every DOG have its days
July 13, 2005   12:05 PM PDT
every dog has its days? hmmm... how bout every pig? u didnt mention anything about pig... so... emm... yeah... u know what i mean..
July 13, 2005   01:42 PM PDT
pig, dog.... w/e
July 13, 2005   03:18 PM PDT
no comment
July 13, 2005   06:47 PM PDT
Laila: Gue dengan bangga menyatakan: GUE GAK PUNYA FS!

Yogi: Pacar lo udah liat belon? Kalo udah kan lo mau ngapus katanya...mampus lo ketauan!

Sisie: In time honey...HEY! I did post things about you!

Lurino: Udah puas nyari gebetan di tag board orang? Cari aja di tagboard sini! Siapa tau si ridwan suka...lagi jomblo tuh..
July 14, 2005   01:51 AM PDT
MWAHAHAHA ridwan vs lurino www.gay.com

brb muntah
July 15, 2005   12:15 AM PDT
Iri aku; komen-mu berisi diskusi yang kaya seperti ini... :p

[dari seorang jomblo :p]
July 21, 2005   06:35 AM PDT
i sense sarcasm ...

infamous lurino
July 30, 2005   10:38 PM PDT
mungkin maksud ferdi adalah diskusi yang kaya atas ketanpa-maknaan. tapi ya sudahlah... fer, anjing emang rajin menggonggong.

Rul, Gi: Tae lah! meskipun belum resmi jadi pacarnya indah, setidaknya gw ada untuk dia, dan kadang2 kalo lagi gak kumat, dia ada untuk gw.

Dll.: hmpfh.... ga makna

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