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Wednesday, August 23, 2006
Last Dance

Final Part of Decalogue

All that we've seen
All we ever heard
Will be carved upon our memory we're living on

The reality, is bigger than me...
The truth I can't understand
The world without an utopia
I am so small, so fragile...

Meaningless despair
On a throne of mysery
So much in me but yet so empty inside
Filled with the void of circumstances

But I wont be remorseful, there is too much life in me
I will sing the hymn of gleam from the bottom of a dreamer's heart
I will lead my dreams to break out these prison cell
I may never understand all those dreams preminicions
but I know that I still have to try

"Seize the day", you've once talked to me
now it is all comes into view... the things I will regret otherwise

Once I have been a kid gone astray
Now I will live my life to the fullest
Benediction of a crimson sun as it's coming to set down
Watched by me with a pair of hopeful eyes

We are one,
linked by an endless thread
That binds our dreams and souls
impossible to break

There's a bit in me in everything in You..
Embrace the light, since the purified one won't make you gone astray
Because it's all we are, a true entity of reality
We are one

Now that many years comes and go
We've lived our life yet so many things left unseen
Seize the day and dont you ever cry
You are my only one... my true love

Clear horizon up ahead, it's time to start another journey
Pass the reality pass the dream
We now must move on living our life
We will survive...

Dedicated to my beloved girl..... this is for you Septi

 Yogi's learnings at 01:20 am
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Tuesday, August 22, 2006
The End of Truth?

Part 9 of Decalogue

So clear it seems, all is alive but nothing seems real
On the drama of human kind
Another reality, where nothing's true

I was blinded by a joy of ignorance while images still running deep
Our dreams will give me revelation, deep inside I'm still wondering Why?

Before the last snow fallen
Before we lost it all
There must be a last revelation
Far beyond this prison wall

Shapes of tommorow flash before my eyes
Last strands of marionette still clinging on my head
Is this real or just a fantasy?
Can't decide, is it half empty or half full
or maybe the glass is just twice as big as it needs to be

Last revelation is coming up on a horizon
We just need to step back and watches another sunrise
In the world of no sun

Seize the day, Life will not always be this way
Look around, hear the sound
Cherrish the time while you're still around

In the end, on dreams we will praise
Adore it, feed upon it and then ignore it

Dont worry, I'm not going anywhere
Even though I'll be gone, I'll stay alive

 Yogi's learnings at 10:53 am
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Sunday, August 20, 2006
Ignorance 's Blessing

Part 8 of Decalogue

Close your eyes...
Forget all the fuzz about reality
It doesn't give you real satisfaction
Nor ectasy...

Why bother?
It is not like you can change the way the world works
They just are.... with or without you

This rush of feelings means so much to me
Even if I have to deceive my own heart
Our conversations have take us far
All that we've ever done is what we are

Selfish Ambition... Help me...
They can't take away all my dreams... no one helps me
All that I have is all that I am
See the curtain... It's not blinding me... It's protecting me

Silent scream of innocence, wake of glass all around me
Close the window, shut the light off
And let the demons come and drown me
I am just me... that's all I got

Living on the edge of highs.. is getting me nowhere
Even if I could see the whole horizon, such a redundant act
Ignorance is calling me back to his home
Where I belong

Safe in the glass that surrounds me... Free from the pain
Nothing seems real...I`m starting to feel
Lost in the haze of a dream
Rest in peace ......I am glad that I'm blind

 Yogi's learnings at 01:54 am
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Saturday, August 19, 2006
Benediction of False Testament

Part 7 of Decalogue

Love.... just dont stare
Cover the real pain just to ease up the misery
Every morning, the crack on the stained glass
The messiah on my bed, the roses outside the void
Keep me alive enough to see...

Dance... just dont regress
Trangression is a false deity, we are here and now
Illusion of utopia high in the sky
I can't be real, I am here

What are these scheme?
Why it keeps me from seeing truth?
Why does it just wont disappear?
Why are these reality seems a big hoax?

Just sleep away my child
I am just a proud designer of horizons
I am not gonna hurt you
I will just take away your pain

Life... just dont care
Creeping beneath this hallowed fountain
Lies the wreckage of my asylum
Where are they now?... I need them now

Just sleep away my child
You are safe here on my arms
You have heard a lot, now you will forget
Your mind is an icy slope

It is better this way...
You dont need those painful reality
Just sleep away my child
You've seen alot, now you will be blinded

 Yogi's learnings at 04:52 am
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Thursday, August 17, 2006
The Ends Justifies the Means

Part 6 of Decalogue

What will you sacrifice to reach for your noble dreams
of life fullfillment and long lasting joy?
How far are you willing to go?
Are you willing to bring down your own morality?

What is "good" and "evil"?
Aren't they are just a social construct?
Provided only to place boundaries of souls?

All the things they ever said to me
All the things you'll never again have to meet
Ghost of the glass prison.... the divine calls
Godlike Wisdom

Imprisonating me.. forbidding me
It's time to let it drop and ran away
no more boundaries of foolisness
no more beast of burden

I believe on my dreams
I have to make it real
And not letting anything to back it down
even my conciusness

Everything would be better
We will have peace eventually
Even it takes wreckage of chaos to make it
Even it will takes away your freedom

Who would need freedom anyway..?
When you are satisfied...
And everything is pleasing you...
No... freedom is nothing but an illusion

 Yogi's learnings at 02:41 am
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Tuesday, August 15, 2006
Rage Against the Machine

Part 5 of Decalogue

Hell NO!!
I am not your puppet!
I am not gonna bow down
and pledge my alliegance to you!

I defy!
I deny your power over my head
I deny your spiritual counciusness of morality
I deny your glass prison

Freedom is my power
Freedom is salvation
Freedom is my messiah
Freedom is my God

Dont preach on me about your religion
about heaven and hell
about sins and redemption
I dont need your system

religion feed the rich
conciussness starts a war
morality condemn the free soul
structure kills humanity

While you...

you hide behind the screens
you think you own the reality
you think you are somekind of mastermind..
and honestly believe everything is under your masterplan

know this, my friend...
you are the fantasy of foolishness
you are the one who is being manipulated
you are the God... that failed

 Yogi's learnings at 11:56 pm
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Thursday, August 10, 2006
The Beast's Confession

Part 4 of Decalogue

Take heed...

You are not responsible for whatever you've done

Even that you are a psychothic killing machine
or crazy jihad suicidal bomber
or even a petty thief that can only steals chiken

it's not you....
it's the lack of love by your parents
it's the stupid doctrine by your religion's leader
it's goverment's inability to keep its people free from hunger

not your fault
you just can't help it

You are all too stupid to make a rational choice...
so you all should let me do it for you.
not your fault...
mine... all mine

I'm the one who imposed cultural norm on your society
I'm the one who says what is right and what is wrong
I'm the one who defines what conciousness is
I'm the one who put glass prison

I am the god.... your god

Your thoughts... is imposed by me
Your action... I let you do that
Your morality.... I define that
Your freedom.... is nothing but a fantasy

I am here
Controlling you all
An easy task for me.... since you all helped me so much

 Yogi's learnings at 12:04 pm
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Wednesday, August 09, 2006
Little White Strands

Part 3 of Decalogue

I still remember the time when my innocence minds watch the sunrise
Image how it might felt, i felt the warmth wind blows
Life is filled with wonders, I feel the need to explore the boundaries
Innocence surrounding me.

But those days are gone now..
change like a season of a year
I felt the cold teeth of the truth
like a leaf falls from a tree

My sun isn't too bright now
and my stars fall from the sky
I tried to hold on
with the last of my might

Ignorance surrounding me
I never felt so much in fear before
All the good words in my ear...
Still I longed to search for more

Try to look in to mirror my friend

Is this fantasy of freedom?
do I free from all of it?
Should I turn on my religion?
These question on my head...

Are these thoughts were mine?
Are we really on our own?
Did I speak on my own?
or does someone, something whispering me?

Life... just dont stare..
Reveal the truth
while you're suppose to stay
in a cozy den of ignorance

 Yogi's learnings at 10:28 am
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Monday, July 31, 2006
The World Within Dream

Part 2 of Decalogue

Once I believe…
That the world is just taken for granted
The way the sun comes out from east and set down into west
The way flowers blossom
Children grow
Rain falls
Reality exist
It all comes natural
Is anything true?
All just a dream? Matter not, mind never?
Is it better to surrender? Or save it for the last dance?

Friends, when it all comes down to it… nothing is really trustable
not even then fingers on your palm…. not even your palm
You can't really tell whether it is real or it is just another dreams constructed

Why the hell we are worry about living or dying anyway then?
it is all just a fantasy,…. a logical construction of minds
why do we need life? nothing is real and lost in the mist of a tale
Hell even our holy science can't save that
Save what?
Maybe it is all just a dream…. or nightmare
maybe the reality is not what we thought it'd be
maybe we are just clinging on frail faith on our senses
maybe we and this world we are living in is just another God's creativity built up on His head

but that's all we have, Friends
the sweet mysteries of secrets
better save it until the last dance of eternity
and not surrendering

 Yogi's learnings at 09:40 am
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Friday, July 28, 2006
Welcome to the beginning of the end of the beginning

Part 1 of the decalogue

Where do we come from?
why are we here?
where do we go when we die?

What lies beyond?
What lied before
is anything curtain in life?

Life is too short
the here and the now
You're only given one shot             

Could there be more?
Have I lived before?
or could this be all that we've got?

(c) Dream theater, the spirits carries on

There's no death without living
and there is no life without dying.

If life and death's difference is a thin as a slice of papper, should it makes a difference wich comes first? Why do we have to die anyway? why should we live?

Do we need to find the answer? or do we only have to try to grasp it?

Death is such a unique mystery so is life
Life is full of joy and blessing.... so is death

This painful pleasure is keeping us astray, all the ratrace we have to compete in, all the wise word we spoke... why do we do that?

What is living anyway?
What if?

If I die tommorow I'll be allright because i believe
After we're gone... the spirits carries on

Let's not taking anything for granted shall we?
Endure this life and try to break the glass prison all around you
because... we stuck in living, we are condemned to be alive... therefore there's death awaits us at the beginning of the journey...

You will hear the crack of the glass prison set by the beast.
Your divine call

We can learn from the past, but those days are gone
We can pray for the future, but there might not be one

 Yogi's learnings at 10:38 am
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